Cleaning Indoor Air with Ozone Is Inexpensive and Quick

Cleaning Indoor Air with Ozone Is Inexpensive and Quick

Indoor Air is almost always more polluted than Outdoors. Toxic gasses from the floor, formaldehyde from upholstery and furniture, cigarette smoke, body order, Germs and smell from clothes add-up to the Pollutants existing outside, Limitations in ventilation and airflow create pockets or air traps which breed bacteria, virus and fungus. If water vapor is present the situation worsens. Strong smells, stagnant clothes and laundry all add up to increase the population of Germs (Virus, Bacteria and Fungus) indoors. Living or working in such spaces demotivate and discourage passion for life. Copy our Modular Indoor Air Cleaning Service in your area and help citizens improve their health and wellness with Clean Indoor Air.

Don’t We Have a Great Immune System?

Only a limited number of people share the Air at home. Our immune systems can easily handle this daily exposure. However, the Equation changes when one member brings in an un-usual Germ from a different micro environment such as an Office, Movie Theater or Public Transport System. Elderly and Children are more likely to catch these Infections.

Worst case is, we spend most amount of time indoors. Children, elderly and the sick must spend time indoors without much choice. Offices and Factories have a greater mix of pollutants including more Virus and Bacteria leading to more infections and cross contaminations.

What about the Germs You Bring Home from Work?

All Vehicles are contaminated with more germs and smells because Air stagnates inside, creating a breeding ground for germs. This explains why some families get infected and go through Virus attacks for months. Public transport is contaminated too, due to the variety of people who come in from different places. Germs from school can render many families sick for weeks and get cross-contaminated again and again in cars and buses.

Factories & Offices Need Clean Indoor Air

Usually, when one person in the office or factory brings in a common flu or cold the entire office becomes sick in a few days. Cross contamination increases Sick Leave and may cripple the entire operation. This is seen more acutely in larger Air Conditioned offices and factories. Any closed area with the same Air circulating or stagnating is a breeding ground for any Virus or Bacteria looking for a host.

Cleaning Indoor Air Kills all Germs

Bacteria and Fungus love soiled Clothes and personal effects. Our immunity can tolerate and handle most of them. Natural lack of ventilation in homes increases the potential for eruption and sickness every day. New incoming colonies upset the balance of the microbiological cocktail we live in everyday, creating new threats.

When Indoor air is cleaned, smell molecules are neutralized first. As air is present in every corner Fungus and Bacteria are easily destroyed. If the Air Cleaning is done for a longer period. and regularly, most Bacteria and Fungal Colonies will slowly reduce in size.

Lack of or Defects in Air Circulation Adds to Indoor Infections and Pollution. We help Clean and Purify this Polluted Air.


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