Unique Ozone Can Kill Pollutants in Air, Water & Food

Unique Ozone Can Kill Pollutants in Air, Water & Food

 COVID-19 Virus Seemed to Flourish in Places with Higher Air Pollution. Higher Air Pollution Irritate Mucous Membranes in The Nose and Throat. Irritated Mucus Membranes Are More Susceptible to Virus Infection. This Pandemic Re-Taught Us Basic Sanitary Habits We First Learned About 1600 Years Ago. Around 1850, A French Chemist and Microbiologist Louie Pasture Displayed How Germs Live, Bread and Thrive in Humans. Ironically, with The Pandemic and Media Promotions, Seemed We Lost Our Attention on Other Hidden Micro Organism That Can Kill Us. Scientists Estimate That, over 350,000 Killer Viruses Live Among Us. Fortunately, Masks Were the Best Protection Against Air Pollution And SMOG. By Controlling Exposure To SMOG, The Risk of Infections Too Can Be Lowered

We are Exposed To Pollution, Every Second!

Our Air, Drinking and Washing Water and Food are all contaminated with pollution residues we do not even know. Agrochemicals & Pesticides leak into Ground water. Preservatives remain on Food. Meat and Fish ingest Toxins from Water. Rigorous tests along the Delivery Chain can show the Toxin, Germs and other pathogens.

Sadly, no Media or Science channel bothers to tell us about theme germs around us. . All Chemical Manufactures recommend effective doses of use. Yet, greedy and ignorant Producers wishing for higher profits do not stick to these limits. They think using heavier doses can increase yields. In competitive Agriculture and Farming it is quite risky to expect producer with concern for consumers’ health.

Ignorance Is Bliss in Matters of Pollution

Humans boast of highly evolved immune systems. We have co-existed with Billions of Viruses and Bacteria over our long existence. Protection and basic Hygiene practices are essential to remain healthy. at all Ages. Ideally, Food producers must make hygienic food for consumers . Industrialists who pollute water bodies with effluents must note the low cost of O3 Affluent treatment method. These are pipe dreams in the real world we live in. Only choice left for is to be diligent and protect ourselves and our loved ones with knowledge acquired by looking below the surface of TV commercials.

What Causes Water Pollution

We know that our water contains various Industrial. Agricultural and Chemical pollutants that seep into our ground water. Rainwater carries pollutants in the Air to the ground, some times as Acid Rain. Some careless industrialists release their industrial affluent and sewage water to rivers and water bodies. Their intention may be to save some money in the short term. If they knew how economical it is to treat Industrial waste with Ozone, they will think twice.

From Pesticides to fertilizer to industrial chemical come to our water sources without our knowledge. Sewage related Bacteria and Virus and other germs use water in their natural propagation.

Municipalities use Chlorine to kill all germs in Water delivered to us. This remaining Chlorine in the tap water causes harmful effects in our bodies. Chlorine destroys most Germs and basic chemicals very efficiently. Chlorine can’t remove Heavy Chemicals, Pesticides and Fertilizers from Water. They are a real burden to the liver and Kidneys, as seen in most communities in the world.

Dangers of Contaminated Water

The latest dangers in water are the presence of Plastics and “Forever Chemicals”. First plastic products the world encountered about 75 years ago are now decaying slowly. This breakdown process presents us micro sized particles of Plastic in our seas and rain clouds. Plankton feeding Whales cannot separate micro plastics from plankton.

Latest plastic Pollution hazard is ‘Forever chemicals’. These chemical could withstand extreme heat, chemicals and reactive elements. Our best known example is popular Nonstick cookware. Forever chemicals will accumulate in the body, causing serious illnesses. US and EU are the areas with most concerns.

Ozone Can Safely Purify Water!

Water, if infused with Ozone, will get a high concentration of Oxygen, after Ozone has finished its job of shedding the extra Oxygen atom. O3 will destroy Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, and other organic molecules with ease.

Ozone is mostly made in rain clouds, with lightning. With current Technology, we can produce Ozone wherever it is needed, in controlled amounts. By nature, Ozone cannot be stored effectively and won’t stay in it’s active form for long.

We can now use this magic of nature to solve many everyday problems related to Water, Air and Food pollution. Purifying Water, Removing Smoke and Smells from Air. Cleaning toxins from fruits, vegetables, fish and meat and purifying Water are some common applications of Ozone. Today. Industrial water Bottling and packing plant use Ozone to disinfect new bottles and containers. Due the efficiency, it is now the mandatory disinfecting method used by all bottling plants.


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