Did You Know: 3D Printers Saved Medics in the Pandemic?

Did You Know: 3D Printers Saved Medics in the Pandemic?

Some Big Companies Flourished Due to Covid-19. Generally, All Occupations Around the World Were Disrupted. Small and Medium Scale Industries and Small Tradesmen Went Near Extinction and Still Continue to Desperately Look for Way to Survive. Anyone With no Accumulated Wealth Lost At Least 2 Hours of Sleep Every Night, Worrying Over Their Future. As A Secret Blessing, Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing Is One Technology That Can Save Money for Everyone Involved in Creation or Production as A Part of Their Enterprise. Traders And Jobbers Who Ignored 3d Printing as Children’s Toys Are Now Looking for Ways to Use 3d Printing to Raise Their Efficiency and The Chance of Survival. Big Industries Are Looking for Ways to Use Additive Manufacturing to Keep Most Jobs In-House and Find Way to Gain the Usual Results with Lesser People, Less Time, And Less Expenses. The Contribution 3D Printing Made to Covid Recovery Efforts Are Well Documented

Easy Reverse Engineering Saves Millions

A broken part can easily disrupt a large-scale operation. Getting the replacement down maybe difficult or impossible with the current Air Sea and Land transport disruptions. The Supplier’s company may be in total lockdown due to heavy infection. Many other things in between can ensure the part will not be available any time soon and the critical production or service cannot proceed causing high revenue losses in the already damaged cash flow. A good 3D Printer in the Enterprise or with a Neighbor can come to the rescue and provide a stop gap replacement that is made at home to keep effected process going. What is even more wonderful is the at many small 3D Printers in homes and Schools are summoned through the network to Produce goods or parts of good to face the meltdown of large Manufacturers and Logistic Chains.

Any 3D Printer is Better than No 3D Printer?

A small Hobby Printer, which can print a cube of 250X250X250mm can be a magic tool in the hand of a young technology or art-oriented person. Think of the number of our everyday thing that can be fitted in this cube. This will give any one thousands of items around us that can be printed at home. From the list take away items due to material limitations and precision, one can come up with 10 things that are useful if printed. If the Scope of a 3D Printer is considered, the number of things that can be made with a small Prusa i3 or the lowest cost Printers from China can be mind boggling. From a set of custom shirt buttons to a cable tie to a utility hook, any simple imaginable thing is possible with a basic Printer. A DIY 3DPrinteer kit you buy your teenager could have given extra earning opportunities during this COVID pandemic, which may prevail till Vaccines are proven and delivered to every citizen or till we develop natural resistance to this Virus like we have done for millions of viruses with millions of years.

Prototype Development is Faster with 3DP

In the Industrial 3D Printing arena, there are Large-body printer which can print a 1cu.m block with plastic materials with resolutions of 0.1mm. These printers can print a large garden chair in 4-5 hour based on the intricacies off the design. Various plastics Material choices are available which included filament with Wood Fiber or Copper filings or even Fluorescent Glow in the Dark of various colours. Prototyping before making an Injection mold for mass production is much simpler and time saving, Ford Motor basted a 60% saving in their prototyping costs. AM Technology has come a long way in 25 years. The original Patent holder Chuck Hull must be a very proud man today if he only considers the huge contribution 3D Printing gave the medical industry to fight COVID-19 -19. There are many types of 3D Printers as showcased in His Company 3D Systems Inc. and a multitude of other suppliers who make this compelling technology a real must-have in every Home, Office or Factory, if not for mainline products at leases for Emergency and innovation manufacturing.


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