How Easy Is Using a RepRap 3D Printing Machine?

How Easy Is Using a RepRap 3D Printing Machine?

founder of 3D Systems Inc invented Additive Manufacturing (AM) in 1986. Additive Manufacturing has Influenced in all imaginable fields by now. Now, Printing Organs with Human Tissue or Creating Airplane parts with Titanium is Common Place. Distributed 3D Printing is Now Replacing Mass Production. As a benefit, Selling Prices can be Discounted Due to lowered Transport Costs . 3D Printing with Self Replicating RepRap Machines Can add New Horizons to Learning and Manufacturing in Any Scale.

Wasn’t Mass Production Here to Stay?

Technology Growth in the last 2 centuries surpass all other periods in history. Prosperity spread in the form of mass-produced goods after the industrial revolution. Sure there are many negative effects of massive factories. But switching to 3D Printing can control Most of these negatives.

RepRap 3D Printers was the first move towards taking the AM Technology to People. Due to its DIY design the Purchase price is low. Duplicated machines are affordable and can be shared among friends. Rep Rap Machines can create real usable products that can even be sold to the community. Rep Rap machines are becoming very precise. For 3D Printing with a RepRap, Scalable models can now be printed as separate parts and assembled to make huge end products.

Disruptions Come in Strange Ways

Additive Manufacturing experts had dreamt of building a self-replicating 3D Printer. In around 2005, an English engineer and Mathematician, came up with a Self Replicating 3D Printer through his Rep-Rap Project.

Industrial revolution and technologies Increased dispensable incomes to new workers and traders. Living standards of the entire World was increased while Global poverty was reduced by many folds. AM (additive manufacturing) and associated technologies will take manufacturing to a new role in the development of the human civilization.

3D Printing has made first self replicating machines possible. Building a new RepRap 3D Printer is the best learning experience for any one serious about this technology. Students of 3D Printing must begin with a RepRap so all fine detail can be learned very quickly.

A Machine That Can Re-Produce Itself!

Rep-Raps are now very popular with students who learn 3D Printing. RepRaps are available as DIY Kits. An assembled RepRap printer can make about 60% (and counting) of a 3D Printer. However, Creating a perfect clone may not be practica lyet because some hardware like motors and electronic parts are needed. Although a Variety of customization may cost extra. With AM average citizens have the luxury of exclusive designs without the traditionally associated high cost

Welcome to The 3D Rep-Rap Age

Now you can buy a 3D Printer kit the size of a briefcase. Simply take it home, assembled it and start printing in no time. The revolutionary part is, you can print about 60% of a new machine for a friend without much effort. Only real cost is for buying the hardware to compete the second machine.

What is noteworthy is the freedom this offers average individuals to make their own products. New ventures serving their close community is not a dream any more!

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