Large 3D Printers Easily Reduce High Prototyping Time and Cost

Large 3D Printers Easily Reduce High Prototyping Time and Cost

Entire World Thought Traditional Manufacturing May Get Wiped Out After 1983, With the Invention Or 3D Printing. While The Technology Was Refined in The Next 10-15 Years, Printing with All Types of Plastics, Polymers, Rubbers and Metals Etc. Grew In Perfection. Now O.3 Mm Layer Thicknesses is Possible When Printing with Powdered Metals. Prototype Design Teams Found They Could Save Big With 3D Printing. Industrial Giant GE Prints High Precision Jet Engine Parts with Titanium at a Fraction of Their Usual Cost. Most Major Industrial Giants Like Ford, Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Many Others Use Additive Manufacturing (3DP) Successfully.

Boon for Smaller Design Fabricators

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing has still not made traditional manufacturing obsolete, though making small quantities or very expensive and very precise products is now possible at a fraction of the traditional cost. Another innovation in the creation of real life or 3D things was the drive to Save With 3D Printing by finding the RepRap printer. Considered as the 1st real-life self-replicating machine, RepRap brought 3D Printing and the Technology to all who were fascinated by this amazing process of creation but were sightly distanced by the high cost.

Additive Manufacturing Captured the World

With the advent of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Modeling small product makers like Jewelers, Machine Part makers and Small Goods Manufactures had a feast because they could manufacture small quantities for cheaper or almost the same price as mass producing, giving a heavy Marketing and Sales advantage. Resin casting a design of an intricate Gold or Platinum ring offered the Jeweler a huge advantage because he could cast on-demand and did not have to make thousands of rings to make things profitable.

How Mass Producers Benefited

Another money and time saving use of AM is used by many Consumer and Mass-Producing Companies in their Prototyping, with great success. The process of launching a new product takes less time, money, and waste now. 3D Printing is creating high value for Larger Scale Manufacturers who make millions of copies of anything for global distribution. Other producers of Large machinery of several parts can play with a model to adjust in the computer and print a life size product without wasting thousands of Dollars for wasted designs. A near perfect or a perfect model can be printed in a lightweight material which can be used to make a mold to produce the real thinning in a large casting factory.

Mass Producers too Save With 3D Printing

Producing million units of one item is not be child’s play. Quality of a mass-produced goods can be controlled to suit different markets, by which the price can be controlled. Design process needs very hard and expensive maneuvers by large design teams. A lot of time is spent fine tuning a design using a lot of human and other resources. Save With can be very costly. If not perfected, one fetal error can sway the producing company out of the market for a while. A lot of time is taken during which time competitor can sweep the market quickly with a similar design, which can waste all recourse and funds invested. Taking a lot of time can also offer a security threat in a highly dynamic market. Designers Save time and money With 3D Printing in their portfolio.

Soon Everyone Will Save With 3D Printing

New 3D Printing and additive manufacturing techniques have served Jewelers for some time now to mass produce very expensive, limited editions at much lower cost. What is more interesting is the advent of lager Print area Printers of various Plastics material. Print areas of 1 cubic meters or more can help designers of larger industrial and consumer goods such as large Machines and Parts, Vehicle Parts and even Consumer Goods such as Furniture and Chairs can cut their design expense and time by over 60%. Larger the Print area and more precise the print became, To Save With 3D Printing more and more industries could adopt AM for Prototyping mass goods with heavy savings of money time and other resources. Ford Motors, one of the early adopters of AM/3D Printing, has once claimed that they saved Prototype lead times for Manufacturing tooling by 94%. Some Plastic Char and Table manufacturers in Europe take great advantage by increasing their diversity of range with the savings in time and money. Any Manufacturer can Save With in their Production.

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