Tap Searing Free Energy & Cut all Business Costs!

Tap Searing Free Energy & Cut all Business Costs!

We were all horrified by the pandemic. Rather than discussing if it was man-made or not, armchair Bolsheviks discussed media ploys. But the real noteworthy fact stayed lost in the noise. Over half of the world’s inhabitants lost their livelihoods overnight. There were many people without savings, who were trying to figure out how to pay their daily bills. There had never been a Pandemic that lasted forever, yet the average citizen without accumulated wealth (about 80%) received the best shots below the belt. It was only the Pharma Companies that benefited. One look at the stock market can show that. Industrialists who lost their workforces and markets could only dream of a recovery once the Pandemic finishes. Everyone was forced to notice that Energy was the Biggert cost for all. Despite such a blow to the average person, nobody still considers using the Free Energy that surrounds us all the time. In spite of this, they still worship fossil fuels that continue to deplete the little Air we have to breathe. The long-term income generators are the industrialists who should minimize their use of fossil fuels and use solar, wind, and hydro energies. Solar Panel and Storage Bastteries can provide long term energy Indpendence for the Inteligent.

Our Dependence On Power Is Daunting

Energy is a basic expense for everybody. Average Power consumption of a household is assumed to be about 2000 kWh in a year in Asia. Most houses we know consume 10 to 25,000 kWh annually. A detached Villa type house can require over 10,000 kWh a year. A Small Self-employed Person with 2 to 3 helpers can consume more according to the activity or industry. Hunger for power only increases as the scale of Production grows. In summary Parties most effected are those at the lower and higher ends of the spectrum. People in the middle will have some room to adjust. Tapping Free Energy is the God sent answer to all those who got hit in their wallets.

Use Sense & Free Energy to Ride all Pandemics

Historically Pandemics of this kind, Influenza type Pandemics, last about 1-2 years. The Spanish Flu Pandemic which effected over 300 million people in 1919 was curbed in 1-2 years. The HINI pandemic in 2009 killed about 500,000 but did not really move out of SE Asia. So this CORONA pandemic also will last 1-2 years because of various commercial needs, but will pass before the panic becomes fatal. Do we learn any thing from it is a prime question. Re-invented Hygiene habits will disappear as soon as Governments’ threats and Death rates are not aggressive. A vaccine will take out all caution till another modified organism hits the road. Today’s generations don’t even know Small Pox, Typhoid, Plague or Malaria once known as phantom killers. Even HIV, once a phantom is not cared about today.

What Can we Really Learn Now?

Economic hardships are perceived very well. Conservation of resources is worth remembering after these hardships are gone. Hygiene habit are another takeaway from the pandemic. If we learn to use a mask, at least when we are sick, so other don’t get exposed to our germs is a worthwhile shift in our self centered nature. One more trick both Householders and Industrialists alike can learn is to tap free energy that is showered on us and wasted every day. Sun showers enough energy to power the entire word for one year in just 1 week. Petroleum industry will compete with a vengeance to block the Sun till they come up with their own devices to tap the Sun light or till Oil runs out. Savin wasted Energy is anothe Fre Source of Energy. Watt saved is a Watt earned!

Use Hardships To Look Beyond the Familiar

With many new advancements anybody can reduce their bill by about 30% using Alternate Energized. The ambition can run their entire Home or Factory with Sun, Wind or Hydro Energy at much lower recurring costs. Light weight and Fordable or Flexible Solar Panels are easy to use and mostly portable, so Tenants who don’t own houses too can take advantage of the Sun. Low light and Indoor Panels are ideal to power many advanced monitoring unis that make up intelligent networks looking after things for us. wind Generators once feared are now available for Houses and Factories. Simplified Hydro Power Devices are available to tap energy from one’s private water supply system. On the bright side many new Hybrid units are available for the Tech Savvy and ingenious forerunners. Latest innovation that will hit the world is Transparent films that can generate electron flows when used on any glass window.

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