Think Free Energy, With or Without a Pandemic!

Think Free Energy, With or Without a Pandemic!

Free Solar Energy shines on our Planet, irrespective of what goes on within. UV in Sun light kills Most Viruses and Bacteria. The Ozone layer lets enough UV in to balance Harmful and Beneficial Microorganisms in the Biosphere. Furthermore, we take benefits of the Sun for granted, while being arrogantly blinded by the ease of burning Fossil Fuel. It is sad to note how we ignore free Solar Energy and pay big bills to Oil Companies. Sun unloads enough Solar Energy on our Planet in one hour to feed the entire Planet for 1 year. Given our current Solar Energy harvesting abilities, we can cut Power Bill by 50% and Pollution by 30%. Please read this extremely valuable article Can the World Be Powered by Solar Alone? and don’t ignore the facts.

Reduce Power Bills to Ease COVID Disruption

COVID-19 destroyed nearly 02 Billion livelihoods of many individuals and tradesmen. More small and medium Industries were forced to close shop. Funny how humans don’t like to use naturally available Free Solar Energy. It is amazing how we labor to obtain gas guzzling & polluting Energy made with Fossil Fuels. Even more surprisingly, we fill only 2% of our total annual Energy need with Solar. It is Noteworthy how the Sun downloads enough Energy to feed our yearly requirement. in just one hour.

If “COVID Broke Our Bank”– Get Free Solar Energy

We often hear that the investment needed to harness Free Solar Energy is too high to manage. Most Governments, Power Suppliers and Banks provide sport in many countries. Usually most Alternative & Sustainable Energy Authorities in most countries encourage Grid Tied Solar Systems. Unfortunately, a few rare countries with Energy monopolies discourage Grid tied Systems and even Solar systems for obvious reasons.

With enough Free Energy falling on our houses, we can easily reduce Pollution to save the World. What is needed is a will to reduce burning Fossil Fuels for our Energy needs. We can launch this revolution as individual by harnessing some Solar energy. This will automatically reduce the use of Fossil based energy.

It is noteworthy that, all Daily needs like lights and small appliances can be met with Solar Panels on a roof. Grid connection is ideal to serve other high Ampere loads like ACs and Machines. Strong infrastructure of the Grid is ideal to serve High current machines, motors and equipment at a economical rate

Average Pay back for a 20-year Solar panel, depending on the tariff in each area, is about 3-4 years. Most times, a 40-year Solar Panel will cost more with a payback of 6-8 years. This way, an average industry can register a saving of 20-40% in monthly bills. A large household with extravagant consumption can save 30-50% from monthly bill. A modest home can save nearly 50% of their bill with a Solar Power system. Using Grid based power for Air Conditioners, Washing Machine and Water Pumps will create an efferent Power Plan.

Start Small – Solar Energy Systems are Scalable.

Starting with portable, camping type Solar Devices for Lights and small Devices may be a good beginning. Next advantage is, Solar is scalable like Batteries. It is easy to add components as separate units to a system over time. Starting with a Panels, a Battery and a Charger Controller is practical. Over time, more components like Panels and Batteries may be added to the main system. It may be wise to buy a bigger Charger Controller If such a progressive system is planned

If a scalable system is preferred, first discuss with the Solar Vendor. Buying a larger Charger Controller is advisable if abuilding a scalable system. Remember, Solar Energy is Free. Only cost is for Equipment to tap and store it. If an inverter may seem costly, run a 12V -DC System for lights and watch your bill get smaller.

Virtual Power Plants are Finally Here

We can boast about a versatile Grid System wherever we go on the Planet. Many Buildings Owners harness Solar and Wind Energy as a novelty and amusement. Sadly only 5% of the World Population makes use of Renewable Energy and rely solely on Fossil Fuel based Energy for every need.

With new, evolving Technologies the Grid is becoming a SMART Grid. Public who produces Solar and other sustainable sources-based energy can now store the excess energy in advanced s Virtual Power PLants will make it viasble for everyone to generate some Renewable Enrgy on their Roof or Farmetc, and share the excess with other users of energy, at a fee. in Premises and (Soon in Centralize Storage Facilities) and use it when needed. These Storage Systems will be connected to the grid and Stored Energy can be Sold to the Grid for general consumption.

Are you seriously considering Solar Energy as an alternate method to reduce your Power bills? Please read this enlightening article; Can The World Be Powered By Solar Alone? for assurance.


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