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Design Teams Save Big Money With 3D Printing

Entire World Thought Traditional Manufacturing May Get Wiped Out After 1983, With the Invention Or 3D Printing. While The Technology Was Refined in The Next 10-15 Years, Printing with All Types of Plastics, Polymers, Rubbers and Metals Etc. Grew In Perfection. Now O.3 Mm Layer Thicknesses is Possible When Printing […]

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Predict Next Maintenance Lock-Down

Biggest horror of any Factory Owner is an unexpected breakdown that may stop Production ‘’until further notice’’. If a most important part breaks and if a spare is not at hand, the nightmare becomes real. Supply Chains, Distribution Chanel, Workers, and anybody else who adds to or takes from the Production […]

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Beware! Killer Pollution in Air, Water & Food

 COVID-19 Virus Seemed to Flourish in Places with Higher Air Pollution. Higher Air Pollution Irritate Mucous Membranes in The Nose and Throat. Irritated Mucus Membranes Are More Susceptible to Virus Infection. This Pandemic Re-Taught Us Basic Sanitary Habits We First Learned About 1600 Years Ago. Around 1850, A French Chemist […]