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Beware! Killer Pollution in Air, Water & Food

 COVID-19 Virus Seemed to Flourish in Places with Higher Air Pollution. Higher Air Pollution Irritate Mucous Membranes in The Nose and Throat. Irritated Mucus Membranes Are More Susceptible to Virus Infection. This Pandemic Re-Taught Us Basic Sanitary Habits We First Learned About 1600 Years Ago. Around 1850, A French Chemist […]

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Clean Indoor Air Will Boost Health!

Indoor Air is almost always more polluted than Outdoors. Toxic gasses from the floor, formaldehyde from upholstery and furniture, cigarette smoke, body order, Germs and smell from clothes add-up to the Pollutants existing outside, Limitations in ventilation and airflow create pockets or air traps which breed bacteria, virus and fungus. […]