Energy Is the Life-Blood of Industry

Today, Every Installation must Save Energy because of Rising Costs of Fuels that Run Power Plants and the Ecological Impact of Burning Fossil Fuel as Good Enough Reasons. We must Extract Maximum Efficiency from Our Energy Sources. If Using Solar, Wind, Hydro etc. the Saving on Extra Devices Needed for the Waste will be Significant. From Simply Turning Off Unused Appliances at Home to Monitoring and Replacing Faulty Equipment in Large Industries, Energy Saving Is a Job to Be Done by a Separate Group of Experts. So, We Help by Offering Tools and Services to Cover the Entire Spectrum, from Lighting to Monitoring Tools To Global Systems to Monitor Enterprise Energy Waste. Saving Energy Is as Good as Getting Free Energy. It is Good to Remember that Every Watt We Waste is Releasing More CO2 and Pollutant to Our Environment, Shortening the Life of the Planet.


LED Lights for Hotel, Factory, Warehouse or Highway

Traditional Incandescent and Energy Saving (CFL) Lights Are Used Mainly Due to Easy Availability. On The Downside, High Energy Consumption of the Bulb and Short Lifetimes are Reasons to Consider LED Lights.

As The Smarter Alternative, We Offer LED CORN COB Type Bulbs to Replace All Other Types of Bulbs. LED Bulbs Come with a 3 Year warranty. Lifetime of 30,000 to 55,000 Hours is assured with proper ventilation and careful use. Reduction of Operating Costs and Replacement of bulbs makes up huge savings and a big convenience. Good LEDs use 65-85% lesser Energy than Traditional Incandescent Filament Bulbs.

LED / CFL / IL Comparison

We offer Corn Cob type Superior LED For Hotels, Office, Factories/Warehouses, Billboards, Streets/ Mines Etc. We also Provide Spotlights, Warehouse High Bay and Lights for Outdoor uses. (Wholesale Inquiries Welcome/ request samples)

Warehouse LED

Warehouses Consume a lot of Energy for Lighting Inside and Outside. We make LED Products available to replace all Lighting needs of a Warehouse.

Lighting Products for Energy Saving

  • Ceiling Panel Lights for Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Halls, Supermarkets, Malls and Other Large Buildings with High Ceilings.
  • Flood Lights For Security, Display or Aesthetics
  • High Bay Light for High Ceilings
  • Out Door Garden Lights


In Industries and Enterprises, faulty ACs and Machinery can waste Much Energy. It will be of great value to find faulty and Inefficient Machinery to reduce the final Energy Bill. IR Cameras and Devices assist here to pinpoint Energy Losses. Predictive Maintenance Teams can easily identify and correct Losses in Buildings, Factory Machinery and ACs. We offer a large range of Industrial Tools in our Store for Energy Saving and Predictive Maintenance

Energy Monitoring and Audits

New Technology of IoT (Internet of Things) now makes Monitoring Energy use in Large Buildings, Factories and Enterprises easy.. We offer Devices, Tools and Software for Energy Saving in Large Installations.

If you are a Building Manager, Owner or an Engineer we have a lot of information that will save you 20-30% of your power bills. Feel free to Email us some basic details of your Installations, and we will send relevant details for review without obligation.. If viable, we can enter in to a contract to Monitor and Correct all Energy Loses.

A Great Resource for Serious Energy Savers

The global energy management system market is expected to grow from $27.31 billion in 2022 to $60.54 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 12.0% in forecast period.