Enterprices, Industries and Most Livlihoods Depend on Energy. Fossil Fuel-Based Generators, Terrestrial Cables and Grid Networks Provide Easy, On-Demand Energy. Awareness of Fossil Fuel and Pollution Since the 1970s M<ade Public Worried About Cheaper Energy Forms We Had Never Used Before. Now We Know That Burning Fossil Fuels Effect People and The Planet.  New Awareness Says, The Sun Provides Enough Energy in a Week to Power the Entire Planet for One Year. So far, Water and Wind are Not Really Considered as Reliable Personal Energy Sources by Individual Consumers.  A Newer Wave Is Working Now to Channel Heat from The Earth’s Core for Power. Moden Businesses Can Now Save With Alternate Energy for Lights and Other Low Current Loads and Keep the Grid for Heavy Loads. Huge Savings Can Be Made While the Planet too Can be Saved by Doing This.

How to Save Earth by Switching the Lights Off?

According to Statistics, nearly 80% of the Population of Earth if fond of Fossil Fuels and use it daily while complaining about the rising cost, impending and Global Warming and Pollution. It is a common occurrence in most households to hear the elderly asking the young to turn the unnecessary light off. Though not clearly evident there is perfect logic here,

Every time you turn a light on or use the grid a, generator powered with Fossil Fuel will have to run to provide you the power, which means more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. In reverse, every watt you generate with a sustainable source like Sun, Wind, Hydro etc. you stop firing that Generator and decrease the pollution, which will eventually make the Planet un-Livable. So consider saving the Earth while saving your Grid Bills and join the Save-Earth Club

Solar & Wind Farms Can Destroy Environments Too!

When looking to Save With Alternate Energies, one should be rational in the objective. We already have perfected uses of Fossil Fuels, and to attain such huge benefits by burning them, Polluted the Planet as a byproduct. In our desperation are we going to abandon Infrastructure developed in the last century? Trying to reset the entire Planet in the name of a new evil will just be even more flawed than the earlier mistake. To obtain benefits like burning Fossil Fuels for 100 years, we may need acres of virgin land to set up Wind or Solar Farms. The destruction of already stressed Fauna and Flora will be devastating. Manufacturing Solar Panels can pollute the environment with many highly portent elements. After 25-40 years ailing Panel and Batteries need careful defusing to stop these elements joining the environment and add more pollution.

Kill the Golden Goose or Rest in the Middle

A happy medium should be struck now that we are an advance civilization ready to reach global enlightenment. We must use Every Roof and Window Glass to generate Energy from abundant light. Mount Small Wind turbine in all Wind tunnels. Such an approach will give enough energy for daily appliances, which draw increasingly lower power as storage devices evolve. Sharing Extra Power through the existing Grid then Can Spread the abundance with others. Grid Supplied power can be reserved to to power all heavy Current loads. This is a model we support. All existing assets will accrue more value to society. Unused assets will come to the ledger. Future pollution potential of harsher things can also be averted. Energy Efficiency of the Civilization will skyrocket. As a result, Children of all Animals, including Humans, will find a better planet to inhabit.

Massive Room to Save With Alternate Energy

With all the hype about population, environment and bad effects of Fossi fuel , the world is still running on Fossil Fuels. The following infographic reveals that our energy needs are meet by fossil fuels despite  abundant supplies of renewable energy around us.

Micro-Owner Virtual Power Plants

Together with th existing Grid and Smalll Alternate Energy Producer ussing Latest Battery Technologies ar now putting together Virtual Power Plants to Compete in Energy Markets. You too can Join with an appropriate Solar, Wind or Hydro System and Batteries to make Energy Cheaper for all – Visit Projects Page