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A new Phase in Power Generation and Distribution is here to benefit Individual Householder (Or Enterprises) who generate more energy than they consume.

Community Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are home solar systems linked to the grid on demand using VPP software, providing a new generation and distribution method for energy-intensive individuals and businesses. The VPP software instructs household batteries to transfer energy to the grid whenever the grid need additional power. Householders get paid for the additional authority they contributed in exchange.

How To Join and Gain from Virtual Power Plants

A few Basics can get you started toward adding the excess energy you create with your own devices to the grid, provided you live in a Nation without an energy monopoly and is fairly liberal toward a Market Economy.

  • Residential Solar System:
  • Home Energy Storage:
    • Purchase a home battery system, like a lithium-ion battery, to store excess energy.
    • During peak demand, your stored energy can be sold to the grid through the VPP.
  • Smart Home Automation:
    • Utilize smart home devices to enhance energy efficiency E.g. Smart thermostats can adjust heating and cooling in real-time to optimize energy use.
  • Enroll in Demand Response Programs:
    • Join a Voluntary Power Purchase (VPP) plan to contribute clean energy to the Grid and get paid.
    • Many utilities implement demand response programs to help save energy.
    • Participating in the VPP program may require you to reduce your electricity usage as per the Operator’s request, in exchange for financial benefits.
  • Join a Community Solar Program:
    • If Solar Panels or Turbines aren’t feasible, consider exploring Community Solar Programs.
    • Such programs help individuals to collectively invest in Alternate Energy Systems and sell generated energy to the VPP plan.
Diagram Explaining How Virtual Power Plants work.
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Tech. To Better Homes and Business Power Bills

Benefits All Participants, Home, Businesses, Country & Planet.

  • Cost Savings:
    • Participating in a VPP can notably lower your Electricity Cost.
    • Sell excess energy to the grid in a demand response program for financial gains.
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Supporting a VPP causes to directly promote renewable energy
    • You get actively involved in reducing greenhouse gas and climate change.
  • Energy Independence:
    • Using renewable energy sources gives you   greater energy independence
    • Your home battery   serves as a backup source   during grid outages or overloads.
  • Community Engagement:
    • Participating in VPP programs nurture a sense of community
    • It connects individuals with similar interests who love a sustainable future.

Individual actions collectively contribute to the success of Voluntary Power Purchases (VPPs) and the transition to a cleaner, more resilient energy system.

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