Manufacturing Is in For a Really Exciting Period Now as a Result of Technological Advancements in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Shifting Consumer Expectations, Which Are Allowing Relatively Small, Decentralized Manufacturing Units to Succeed Where Mass Production in a Central Location was Previously Needed to Reap the Benefit Of ‘Economies of Scale”.

A Wide Range of Printing Technologies for Any Material

FDM 3D Printer, SLA 3D Printer, SLM 3D Printer, DLP 3D Printer, White Light 3D Scanner, Blue Light 3D Scanner, Laser 3D Scanner etc. are just a few 3DP Technologies. available for serious Manufacturers

With the introduction of several 3D Printing Technologies over the past few decades, the centralized industrial model is giving way to a flood of efficient systems, which when combined, have produced extraordinarily complex and dispersed systems and processes capable of “Printing” in almost any material..

Thanks to the Internet and many digital platforms, we are now able to get beyond the past limitations of decentralizing manufacturing. This is clearly seen by the ability of 3D Printing to create Products that are both unique and personalized, with very high quality.

Smaller 3D Printing plants might be now dispersed over the Globe, allowing for rapid and simple relocation of manufacturing facilities to wherever it is needed most, swo the saving in transport can be passed on to the Customer as a discount.

Contracted and Outsourced Manufacturing Pays

Approximate Cost of Industrial 3D Printers

  • high accuracy industrial SLA 3D Printer -US$ 50,000.00 – US$ 300,000.00
  • Metal Powder 3D Printers – US$ 15,000 – US$ 250,000.00
  • Filament Type FDM Industrial Grade 3D Printers US$500.00 – US$2500.00