All Industries and Enterprises Must Predict & Plan Their Maintenance in Order to Avoid Sudden Breakdowns and Finally, Losing Market Share. Unfortunately, Some Rich Companies Still Go for Just-In-Time or Preventive Maintenance Methods. Both These Methods are More Expensive than Predictive Maintenance. With Many New Developments in Infra-Red and Ultra-Sound Technologies, Very Accurate Predictions Can Be Made to Plan Maintenance. Infra-Red Thermometers, Thermal Imagers and Ultra-Sound Visualizers Make Keeping Your Factory in Ultimate Shape a Fun Activity. Seeing Hidden Energy Leaks and Fixing them Will Reflect in The Final P&L Too.

Infra Red Can Predict Machine Life

Diagnosis is Easy with Infra Red

Infrared Thermometers, Thermal Cameras and Vibration Meters are ideal tools for Predict & Plan Maintenance. Programs to show growing faults. A Failing Transformer will Show-up in IR Scans. Need for a simple oil change can be heard in Ultra Sound as extra vibration. By Monitoring machine functions many energy leaks, failing machines & loose terminals can be identified before a breakdown

Easily Add Predictive Mtc Anyehere

Predictive Maintenance is easier with IR

Most Industrialists prefer not to spend big money on maintenance. Instead, Just in time or Fit and Forget methods are preferred. As a business gets bigger, a structured maintenance program becomes more valuable for the success of the business or Industry. Predict & Plan Maintenance can be easily integrated with any scale of business, from a Car mechanic to conglomerate manufacturing lines.

Predict & Plan Maintenance Using Tools

Common Type of Maintenance Used Today

Many approaches to Maintenance