High Tech IR Photos Can Show HR Wellness Too

High Tech IR Photos Can Show HR Wellness Too

Corona Pandemic Seems a Blessing in Disguise at times when you see how it forces people to bring out the best in them. It Bring the Entire Civilization Up to Speed with Existing Technologies. Infrared Was Usually Very Popular to Detect and Diagnose Machine and Electrical Circuit Problems in Factories. IR Thermography Imagers were an underutilized blessing in disguise due to lack of knowledge and exposure. Predictive Maintenance Was Mainly Based on Infrared Thermography and Ultrasound Scanning. IR Thermography Made It easier to Detect People with High Temperatures who may be infected with The Corona virus. FDA has Issued Some Guidelines on the Use of IR Devices worth Noting.

Predictive Maintenance Principals Work on Humans Too

Simple IR Thermography Imagers check people for fevers before coming into buildings. Complex, automatic IR Thermal Cameras detect people with abnormal temperatures in Large buildings, Railway Stations etc. Coupled with diagnosing humans with abnormal temperatures in crowded places are face recognition and artificial intelligence technologies.

Machines in industries and homes can also checked with IR and AI Technologies for energy leaks, short circuits, and heavy energy losses and fixed easily, before some major accidents happen. Big industries use complex cameras, connected to software, to continuously monitor machines in production lines. .

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A Word Of Caution Before Deciding On People

IR Thermography Imagers are versatile tools, used in many ways then imaginable. Precision thermal cameras fixed on helicopters detect human smugglers and drug smugglers with absolute efficiency. With proper equipment accurate diagnosis can be mad e with ease. In the present panic situation small IR Thermometers have become household items. It is advisable to take caution when using this tool to figure out if someone has fever always infected with some virus. The exact temperature measurement may not be as accurate ask the conventional Mercury thermometer. But this handheld IR thermometer offers absolute convenience in finding out temperatures without even going close to something or somebody. it is always advisable to compare temperatures within a few people and go by the temperature differential to decide whether somebody has a flu or COVID-19.

Are IR Thermography Imagers Worthless For non-Industrial Use?

If you have an infrared thermometer at home, and now with the new pandemic situation there’s enough time to stay at home, it may be a good idea to check all your electrical connections, motors, refrigerator, heaters , cooler, switch gear, fans and walls with leaking pipes etc. by measuring the temperature differentials so you can detect a lot of faults like a professional Predictive Maintenance Engineer would do.

Interested in Learning proper Use Of IR Thermography Imagers For Screening People? American Academy of Thermology is offering a free training resource for those new to using IR equipment.  To register for free on-line training use this link:  IR Temperature Measurement Fever Screening


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