Visualize How Energy is Wasted with InfraRed & Save!

Visualize How Energy is Wasted with InfraRed & Save!

With the help of just a Low Cost, High-Tech Infra-Red Thermometer-Tool Find Energy Waste in Machinery, Fixtures and Spots in Factories, Work Shops, Buildings, Vehicles or Homes. Foresee Ailing Machine Health and Prepare Early for Timed Repairs. Even Auto Repairmen or Machine Menders can identify Machines or Switchgear that need attention and avoid Accidents. IR Thermography Tools such as Cameras and Videos help Engineers make huge saving by identifying leaky insulation, AC and Heat losses, Leaks in waterpipes in walls and a countless amount of everyday energy wasting situations. IR Thermography is s subject one can specialize in to provide huge value in the new Energy Conscious Economy.

Stop Hidden Energy Waste, anywhere!

Energy waste is an unseen phenomenon of all electrical equipment. Heat emitted by Phones, Radios and similar small equipment is wasted energy too. In modern product and component one great deign objective is to reduce the energy wasted as heat.

What Is Equipment Energy Waste in Real Life?

Modern lights are One glowing example o this Design concept. As we know, old Incandescent Bulbs get extremely hot. New LED Bulbs, that give the same amount of light, remain touchable. Power intake of the old bulb will be double that of the LED .

How to Benchmark Performance Of Equipment?

By identifying heat generated by equipment it is possible to judge Energy Waste and the health of equipment. Factory and Machine Maintenance Programs use this phenomenon to forecast machine replacements and repairs.

There are very sensitive InfraRed and Ultrasound tools available at very reasonable Prices. Any Machine or Equipment owner must get such a tool and monitor his Equipment regularly to know the heat signature under different conditions. Record such details systematically for a long time, to easily find changes in Machine health.

How Far Can This Technology Be Scaled Down

Same Technology of identifying Heat and Vibration emitted by many appliances, machines and switches can be used very successfully in Domestic, Small Factory, Medical. Auto Repair and a countless other applications to show wastage and warn of sudden malfunctions. We will discuss these farther in future issues.

Homes, Offices, small Factories and Machinery usually waste a lot of energy. Replacing old bulbs with new LEDs may show a 20% reduction in the Power bill or 60% reedition in lighting bills. If small wastages can e monitored, identified and corrected over time, notable savings in bills and equipment replacements can be realized.

Benefits of Using ‘Monitoring Technology’ in Homes

Electricity is used in Homes for Lighting, Heating and Cooling. InfraRed can save Money in Homes. and running Appliance by visually showing Energy Waste and Leaks. Faulty or failing switches and connections secretly waste energy. Fixing them may be as easy as tightening a screw or re-soldering a wire.

One complex area of power wastage is climate control. In the summer cooling leaks out and in winter heating leeks out. Faulty insulation, doors and windows, roof insulation etc. must be checked carefully with Tools by a trained inspector. and fixed to see notable savings.

“Our Simple Lighting Needs No Attention!”

As with replacing Old bulbs, Sodium Vapor lamps or Flood Lights with quality LED s, lots of energy can be wasted in fixtures, switches, circuit breakers and lamps themselves. We have seen inferior LED s drawing as much energy as a Fluorescent Energy-Saver or more.

An Energy audit can easily pinpoint these and recommend early correction

Appliance Lifetimes Too Can Be Extended …

The best examples are your AC, Rrefrigerator and Water Heater. Failures in insulation can show up as heat loses. This is usually ignored for the sake of operation. The hiding danger is machine fatigue and sudden breakdown. By running overtime to compensate for loses these units usually burnout, needing costly repair or even replacement.

You will be surprised to know how much Energy a loose plug to a heavy home theatre system can waste in one year. Department of Energy has estimated that a medium sized home can save nearly 30% in an average winter. We have not discussed fire hazard related to over-heating connections and Appliances. Money invested in Predictive Maintenance Tools and Software may sometimes pay for itself in one avoided sudden Breakdown.


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