Who said Privacy and Glass won’t go together (without curtains)? We offerYou Instant Electronically Operaterd Curtains that Work only on Demand (only when needed)! New Science has invented a Liquid Crystal Layer embedded in a Polymer that can be inserted in a Panel of Glass, that can be turned Clear and Opaque at will, at the speed of light, with a simple on-off Switch. Electronically Switched, Privacy Switchable, Clear Glass Can Add Privacy and an Extreme Sense of Luxury and Strong Security to Increase Human (HR) Efficiency in Stressful Situations. Now we give you Total Privacy on Demand with a Switch, without the inconvenience of Curtains or Blinds – Delivered as Just a Film! (We install too, if within reach)

Open Office with Instant Built-In Privacy
Uncompromised Privacy Protection
Industrial Privacy with On/Off Glass

Privacy is important for any occupation in an Enterprise, from the janitors to the President. We support extensive use of Glass by providing privacy-switchable-clear-glass and Privacy Switchable Film for Existing Glass to keep the balance. Complete privacy can be obtained in seconds by flipping a switch and turned back on for full view in only 20 milliseconds!

‘Future Windows’ Will Have On-demand Privacy Built in to the Glass – now offering the Option to Switch Glass to Privacy, at YOUR command, at Lighting Speed !

Clear Glass Windows changed the view of the world and privacy, forever. Our concept of comfort, luxury & security shifted 180deg.  Luxury buildings use much more clear glass today and much more curtains, shades, blinds and frosted film etc. in vain attempts to get some privacy. Future windows help the modern demand for maximum view, beauty & light while providing security and protection from elements. This modern technology can now add privacy as well!

Endless Business Applications

Endless Marketing Applications Too