• Plastic & Rubber Waste to Oil, Gas & more
  • Vertical, Soil-Less City & Container Farming
  • 3D Printing for Distributed Manufacturing
  • Ozone for Water, Air & Food Related Industriesi
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools For Business & Study
  • Energy Storage and Virtual Power Plants

1. Plastic & Rubber Waste to Oil & Gas

Waste plastics pose a significant threat to Earth’s habitability, with only 15-20% treated correctly. Microplastics, ingested by fish and animals, can cause illnesses and even death, threatening Humanity’s ability to live on Earth.

The potential to Profit from Processing Plastics and Old Tires etc. into usable Furnace Oil, Diesel, and Gas could significantly reduce Garbage Dumps owing to the income potential.

We provide Technology, Machine as Turnkey Projects & After Care to Process 4 to 150 tons a day of Waste Plastic and Tires etc. into Oil and Gas.

2. Vertical, Soil-Less, City Farms

Land is Becoming Precious in the Cities and most Rural Land is becoming Polluted with Chemical abuse. Transport of Fresh Greens and Fruits are getting costlier by the day.

A Vertical Farm in a limited space without Soil can yield 5-20 times per area vs old, land-based Agriculture.

We Provide Turnkey Vertical Farms and Growing Container for Green Leaf and Fruits and Building and Green House Systems for Potatoes and Havier Fruits. Restaurants, Hospitals, Universities etc. can grow food for their own use. Produce is 100% Organic so its Marketable at a Premium. Ill effects of Climate and Pest are fully controlled too.

3. 3D Printing to Regionalize Production

3D printing is fueling the 4th Industrial Revolution by adding unique options for industries. Distributed or De-Centralized Manufacturing is making big assembly line outdated. With 3D Printing, most mass-Produced Goods can be built closer to the Consumer and Delivered at a saving to Consumers.

Biomaterial and Human Organ Printing, as well as Food and Meat Printing and delivery via Home 3D Printers, will lower Costs and increase Quality with. assistance of AI. Precise Metal Printing is now cutting costs for Huge Industries, saving Prototyping and Production Costs. We provide 3D Printers and Scanners as Sytems for Industrial Use

4. Ozone for Water, Air & Food Processing

Ozone is a versatile molecule that can Oxidize almost anything with complete efficiency, leaving just Oxygen as a byproduct. Low production costs, no storage ability, and efficiency Air and Water Purification and Food Detoxification, without adding anything else to the process, are preferred by all Cost-Smart Industrialists. In Waste-Water Recycling and Lundry O3 saves over 60% totla Cost.

Ozone is already essential in various Water and Agricultural Processes. O3’s ability to break down smell molecules, as well as pesticide and chemical oxidation, makes it a top choice for industrialists who want to replace numerous systems with this miracle Gas.

5. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Tools For Business

Sure, you already use CHAT-GPT from OpenAI or BARD from Google! Many creative applications are sprouting up as a result of such Large Language Models. Apps for Writing, Drawing, Designing, Accounting and Even Home-Work are available for Free. Freemium or Premium Apps

The disadvantage is that if you don’t know your Topic or Subject, you’ll fall victim to the Machine’s ‘Hallucinations’ and be unaware. So, another Skill called Prompt Engineering is added to Human Jobs to know, in addition to the Subject you are interested in. Learn, Become a genius or a slave to Artificial Intelligence.

6. Energy Storage Based Virtual Power Plants

Now, all of the energy produced by the Wind Power and Solar units may be Stored in new, highly efficient Lithium Batteries and sold continuously on the Grid in Energy Markets. Virtual Power Plants may purchase power from your Power Plant at a competitive price and connect to a Smart Grid to satisfy demand. Your Electricity Costs will eventually equalize to a very low rate, which will reduce the need for Fossil Fuels to meet our expanding Energy needs.

All that’s required to benefit from Future Virtual Power Plants is to become a member of an Alternate Energy Generating Systems and Batteries.