Did You Know that Electronically switchable ‘’Future-Windows’’ can be turned ‘on’ or off’ within 20 milliseconds to provide absolute privacy, without Curtains, Blinds or Frosted Film? When turned ‘off’, the Glass Window takes a fully frosted effect, blocking any view through the Glass. When you turn the power back ‘on’ Privacy Switchable Glass becomes clear, within 20 milliseconds. If a variable control is used any state between clear and opaque can be selected to suit your mood and situation. Privacy Switchable Glass are available as Standard Size Glass Panels with a built-in high-tech liquid crystal screen for new architectural applications or as self-adhesive film for existing glass. Functions are operated with AC power and a wide verity of controllers.

Privacy Switchable Glass are Based on Technology

This Electrically Switchable Magic Gloss is a result of extensive research in Advanced Polymer Sciences and studies in the behavior of Liquid Crystals in different situations. Liquid Crystals are impregnated in the High Strength polymer which also has 2 electrodes connected to an inner layer of the polymer. In the Natural State the Polymer is Opaque and does not allow vision through the film due to the alignment of the Liquid Crystals. When a small electrical charge is applied to the electrodes these LCs align in a formation that allows compete light and vision and becomes transparent.

Countless Applications, Only Depend on Imagination

Wonder of Technology for Every Glass

Switchable Glass or Film may initially look like a replacement for Curtains. While Curtains can be very efficiently replaced with Switchable Glass, there are many benefits and money saving opportunities that are connected to this Technology. Curtains need constant care like washing and cleaning and replacement due to fading. They are ideal to accumulate Germs and dust. That is why Medical Clinics and Operating Theatres prefer the Switchable Glass option over traditional Curtains. Speed and ease oof activation and  the ability to Open or Close with a variety of switches can automate the entire management of Privacy

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