Add Luxury to Glass with Switchable Privacy!

Add Luxury to Glass with Switchable Privacy!

You may have a beautiful, ultra-modern Home, Office, a Corporate Office or a Luxury Apartment. You fill your spaces with wonderful high-quality Furniture, Tools and Gadgets. You designed Everything to your exact tastes of modern world-class living. Those wonderful views your Glass Windows provide, at dawn, dusk or especially nights no doubt provide a heavenly feeling. But, being in the heart of the City & living a dynamic life you certainly value your Privacy too. Switchable Privacy Glass was specially invented for Modern Buildings with extra Glass, which are located in busy Environs. Ease and speed of Electronically Switchable Privacy Glass can make you feel how cumbersome traditional Curtains are?

Invention of Glass was a boon in disguise, but Window coverings were required to balance Privacy and un-obstructed views. Blinds, Curtains, Shutters — all of them tell prying eyes “mind your own business”, until Electronically Switchable  Privacy Glass was invented these solutions were a compromise. Electronically Switchable Glass turns Opaque within 40milisecond and becomes clear within 50miliseconds of turning the switch on! With a Dimmer Switch you can play between Clear and Opaque as you please, to set a mood.

Technology is making Curtains Obsolete

Now you depend on Curtains to shield your private life and family from outsiders. Don’t you need 2 curtains per each window, one to allow partial light and visibility like a lace curtain, and a thick totally blocking curtain over that. Sometimes don’t you wish that you had a halfway point which gives some amount of light and total privacy, which will allow you to enjoy the bliss of natural light without electric lights yet close your windows completely? Switchable  Privacy Glass and Films allow ambient loght through, so you don’t have to turn the lights on!

Then come the curtain handling and cleaning issues. Curtains gather a lot of dust and accumulate germs that live in the air. You wonder why your children catch allergies and infections when no germ carrier has entered your home for days. Constant Dry Cleaning requires taking the Curtains down and putting up new ones, which take up leisure time or money for help.

Latest ‘Switchable Privacy for Glass’ Technology Helps

How would you like to overcome all these prehistoric problems and put latest technology to work for you and be a proud owner of?

  • Latest invention in Liquid Crystal and Polymer Sciences
  • Would last for over 50,000hours                                                                                    
  • Be able to control privacy with a Dimmer switch (Between Non to Full Privacy)
  • Won’t breach your privacy if power fails. * (rests in Opaque state)
  • Need no real Maintenance as not gathering dust or germs
  • Can be fitted very easily, with almost no help and minimal time if neccessary.

Get PDLC Glass or Film to Feel the Luxury of Privacy

We bring latest technology-based Consumer Products to the Market. This special Window Glass (or Film for Existing Glass), which is operated with a small electric current, is a result of Polymer and Liquid Crystal research, giving birth to a World-famous Privacy Control Product, .


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