Quickly Raise HR Efficiency with Privacy for Glass

Quickly Raise HR Efficiency with Privacy for Glass

Privacy Is Mostly Connected with Isolation. So, How Do We use Privacy to increae Efficiency in Factory or Industrial Environments? As Vendors of Privacy Devices for Clear Glass, We Always Encounter this Question. We Spoke to Many Factory Owners, Big-Enterprise Managers, Office, And Bank Manger etc. Just To Find Spaces Where Privacy Control Films and Glass Is Useful. We Had to Do Constant Research and Analysis, even with Our Marketing and Sales Knowledge, to Overcome Objections. Objections were Routine, Out of Habit or Strategic and Sometime in Resistance to New Ideas. Sometimes they were in Genuine Interest of Finding how Privacy Can Improve Their Productivity. We Propose Electronically Controllable Privacy Glass & Films to Grow Industrial Efficiency in Factory, Industry. Enterprise, School, Hotel or Hospital.

Individual Definitions of Privacy & Glass

By applying privacy in commercial environments, a tangible benefit would come to the Human Resources Department as Productivity. Restrooms are the only place In large Offices or Factories where some privacy can be found. We realized, with more insight, that Staff Members most times rush to the toilet when threatened by angry Bosses or extra vocal Customers.

If people bring external problems to work they may need extra toilet or rest room time to control their emotions. Then we concluded that humans needed privacy to reset themselves. Teamwork can be more productive when done in enclosed rooms like board rooms. In any industry or enterprise, Privacy Control Glass can prevent people from getting distracted when others who are not involved stare at them. There are many groups that would find comfort in some privacy, including auditing teams, design teams, negotiators, and even janitors.

Privacy Control Glass Can Add Value to Enterprises

In Large areas where various hierarchies work together, Privacy has an important role in giving extra space to everyone. Most offices and manufacturing area deploy glass to separate areas for many reasons. Easy supervision, Isolation of bosses from the floor, providing Private moments for urgent task group meetings etc. were good reasons to use switchable Privacy glass. Banks, hotels, and hospitals look larger and more impressive to visitors and even to staff with extra internal glass. With Privacy Glass or Film Installed, Staff can isolate areas for privacy and switch to clear mode on demand.

Real Case of Privacy for Efficiency in a Bank

One Classic case we found is noteworthy. The leasing department In a Bank had a separate audit section which was isolated with glass walls. They had to check records and make recommendations to front office Executes who were negotiating with customers with troubled accounts. Clients who visit for various concessions. In this troubled account section always came and tried to make eye contact with the staff inside. Most of these Audit girls felt intimidated and insecure if the company discussions went unfavorable. As a remedy, privacy control Films were installed on the existing glass. The control was given to the audit department. Immediately, all Tension disappeared, and a general sense of relaxation emerged. Security did not have to gently coerce clients away from the auditor’s area to the sitting area.


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