Until recently, we thought Genes controlled our lives without escape. It was common to believe we inherited Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes or even Obesity etc. If our Blood-Line had a problem. However, around 1900, Scientists proved there is Quantum Energy, a Quantum Field, and a huge Quantum Field Relationship to life. In 1925 Einstein’s magic formula connected Mass, Energy and Light which originated a new Physics. Now most Scientists and Doctors agree there is more to life than Genes, and once ‘hereditary baggage’ can be offloaded with conscious thought and effort. Epi-genetic Science for Wellness Monitoring is well established now in the cutting-edge of Human Health. We recommend you integrate this new knowledge in your HR Department to build vibrant staff. Read More to Know about How Epigenetics and Food Control Our Health.

You Are Your Environment & What You Eat!

New Science claims that our environment controls how our genes express themselves or not and make long term changers. We offer a simple, fun, and proven system to measure Wellness. Monitored results are used to change your environment to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. With Optimization you become aware of the effects of the environment, Food and Habits on your body.

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Epi-genetics Science for Wellness Monitoring

Epigenetics explains how lifestyles affect how your genes, the blueprint for your body, are activated. Now it is well researched how DNA is affected by our food, nutrients and chemicals we consume. Next big factors are cortisol produced by stress, the endorphins of exercise, and the dopamine of love

Wellness Monitoring Through Epigenetics

So, food is a big influence on genes. Highly advanced science of frequencies and resonance can identify how Genes are affected by our food, habits and disposition. An Epigenetic scan will highlight deficits of nutrients, effects of habits and pollutants we absorb and will show an accurate picture of our health. It is seen that small changes in these areas show big improvements in Wellness. Though this is not a way to address sicknesses, extending wellness while being healthy will delay onset of most sicknesses.

This Solution Cannot Be Delivered as an Off-The-Shelf Product but ONLY as a Service, Fine-Tuned to Individual Needs. Write Direct to Us to Design a Wellness Scan Program for Your Factory, School or a Group of People. Our Team will Build a Custom Proposal for your exact requirement. We Will Also Carry Out the Program on Schedules Designed in Consultation with You. It Is Important to Scan Periodically So Results Can be Verified with Second and Third Scan. Remedy is Mostly Food and Nutrition and a Few Changes in Lifestyles. NO Drugs, Medicines or Chemicals.